Nursery School / Day Care Programs

St. Philip’s Nursery School

Music and Play (preschool program) is a 30 minute class that includes:

  • exploration of songs,instruments and rhythm
  • exploration of movement
  • guitar sing-a-long
  • imagination and storytelling
  • introduction of new instrument each week
  •  group activities

Each class is a fun and easy opportunity for children to experience music. The program encourages verbal and physical development,  listening skills and self confidence.

The cost for the program is determined by the number of children participating and the amount of classes per day.

Some of the instruments and materials I provide are:

  • Tambourines
  • Sand scrapers
  • Colored scarves
  • bells
  • rhythmic ribbons
  • triangles
  • hand drums
  • Rhythm sticks
  • and lots more!

I have been the music teacher at St. Philips Nursery School for over 10 years, I must admit it is my favorite program to teach.  I am currently enjoying teaching at the wonderful DoverGardens Nursery school CO-OP.  I have also taught the program at, YMCA college st., Temple Sinai Daycare/nursery school, St. Catharine’s Nursery school, and St. Barnabas Nursery school.

I would love to come and give a free trial class, if you are interested. or 416 500-5914

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